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I’ve been involved with technology for 36 years. Since 1998, I’ve been working with SQL Server, since version 6.5. I am a Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (and all those prerequisites). Earning my MCM has definitely been a career highlight for me. Even with that under my belt, I welcome any opportunity to learn new things about SQL. I love tuning queries for optimal performance, and automating tasks. I co-authored SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, frequently participate and present at SQL Server events (including SQLSaturday’s), and I write for SQLServerCentral.com. The most rewarding project I have been a part of, to date, is my marriage. Career-wise, it would be the journey to earning my MCM.

The case of the missing database backup file

Exploring the wonderful case of a missing database backup. I was working on a client’s site today, setting up database backup routines. Part of which is to perform a database backup, and verify that everything went okay. I had Windows Explorer open to the location that the backup was going to. When the backup finished, […]

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New Features in SSMS 17.3

SSMS 17.3 SSMS 17.3 was just released (download link), and it has a couple of new features worthy of mention: Import Flat File Wizard XEvent Profiler Import Flat File Wizard If you’ve worked with SQL Server for very long, you have most likely needed to import flat files from time to time. SSMS 17.3 utilizes […]

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Stop waiting for SQL Server Service Pack 1 before upgrading!

It’s not stable until Service Pack 1… Are you at a company that doesn’t install a new version of SQL Server until Service Pack 1 (SP1) has been released? Well, you need not wait for SP1 any more. Because there’s not going to be any more service packs. Microsoft just announced their “Modern Servicing Module […]

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Working with SQLSaturday SpeedPASSes

SQLSaturday SpeedPASSes I’ve been working with running SQLSaturdays in the Richmond, VA area for several years now. It seems that every year, I end up blogging something new. Frequently, this ends up being a script of some kind to help me out. This post follows this theme by introducing a script for working with SQLSaturday […]

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Working with the registry in SQL Server

There is a lot of information within the Windows registry. Sometimes, it would sure be nice to work with the registry within your T-SQL scripts. As it turns out, there are several undocumented extended stored procedures in SQL Server that do just this. A listing of these procedures are:











As you can see, there are two […]

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SQL Server ’16 helps you meet Best Practice

In order for your SQL Server instance to run optimally, there are many SQL Server best practices that you need to follow. The SQL Health Check that you can have us perform on your  instances looks at many of these. SQL Server 2016, which at the time of this writing is in a Release Candidate […]

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SQL Solutions Group’s 5th Anniversary FreeCon

In honor of SQL Solutions Group turning five years old, the four MCMs at SSG recently conducted a day of free training for the SQL community. Due to the many meetings going on Tuesday in conjunction with the PASS Summit, attendees were coming and going all day long.

The day started off with Ben Miller talking […]

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FreeCon, October 27, 2015 Seattle

The company that I work with, SQL Solutions Group, is conducting a free community event. The week of the PASS Summit, on Tuesday, we will be hosting a day of free training. This is an event for all data professionals who happen to be in the Seattle area the days leading up to Summit but […]

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Combating SQL Injection

Target. Home Depot. NASA. U.S. Army. Anthem. Wall Street Journal. MarketWired. Ashley Madison. What do they all have in common? They are all recent victims of cyber-attacks – several of these are confirmed to involve SQL Injection. Even though the exact method used to penetrate the other systems has not been released, experts believe that […]

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Weaning yourself off of SQL Profiler (Part 2)

In my last post, I shared a script that will take a running trace and show you the XE events that it relates to, and what columns are available within those XE events. Specifically, this was for converting a deadlock trace into an XE session; however the process is the same for converting any trace […]

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