Way back in 2006, Paul Randal documented DBCC PAGE on his Microsoft blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlserverstorageengine/archive/2006/06/10/625659.aspx. In his post, you will notice that in order to return the output from DBCC PAGE to the screen, you need to enable trace flag 3604 first. The above blog post shows a few examples of the results and utilizing them for further actions. Unfortunately, this method requires manual intervention to get the necessary data from the page in order to work with it further.

You know, it sure would be nice if the manual intervention could be removed and to completely automate the task that you are looking for. This blog post is going to show you how this can be done, and it will give a few examples of doing so.

In my last blog post, I introduced an optional setting to several DBCC commands: WITH TABLERESULTS. This returns the output in tabular format, in a manner that allows the output to be consumed. As it turns out, this optional setting also works with DBCC PAGE. You can see this by examining the database information page (page 9) of the master database:

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