Orbit Irrigation: “I feel 100% confident when working with SSG that they will resolve any issue we face.”

The case study below was submitted by Bryan Evans, Application Development Manager at Orbit Irrigation

Brief description of Orbit and SQL Server usage environment: Orbit is the world leader in manufacturing and supplying irrigation, misting, and home improvement products to homeowners in forty countries across five continents. We use SQL for business-critical applications and reporting.

Why did […]

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Northwestern Management: “We haven’t had any other issues with performance, which translates into revenue”

The case study below was submitted by Alexandr Anaya, IT Director at Northwestern Management 

Description of Northwestern Management (NWM) and SQL Server usage environment:
We are a Dental Service Organization with 33 dental practices in South/Central Florida plus a corporate office.  We use SQL Server as the backbone of our Practice Management System.

Why did NWM choose SQL […]

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