Building a T-SQL Framework, Part I

Depending on the objective, building a framework allows the architect to imbed the fundamental segments of a structure so that the existing requirements can be built on top of the foundation, leveraging the functionality of the framework. This usually includes core functionality that repeats consistently through a process like Logging, Error handling, Successes/Failure Notifications, Import/Export […]

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SQLIntersection In Orlando–Why Wouldn’t You?

Orlando in April, and then you add SQL on top of that? What’s not to like?

I’m really excited to be part of the Spring SQLIntersection event, coming up April 18-21 at the Walt Disney World Swan. SSG was an exhibitor at the Spring 2015 event, and at the Vegas event last fall, I had the […]

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Indexed Views – Performance Panacea or Plight

Indexed View(s)
An indexed view is a view where the result set from the query (the view definition) becomes materialized in lieu of the virtual table result set of a standard (non-indexed) view. Many times we see that an indexed view would be created to help improve performance. Far too often, an indexed view is created without consideration for the […]

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Disk Space and SQL Server

Disk Space in SQL Server
One of the frequently required job functions of the database administrator is to track disk space consumption. Whether this requirement comes from management or from a learning opportunity after a production outage, the need exists.

As a hard working DBA, you want to make sure you hit all of the notes to make […]

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SQL Black Box Recorder

Across many professions and industries there is often a need to have some sort of device that “audits” everything that happens with a device or process. We are probably all quite familiar with the infamous black box recorders used by the passenger airline and train industries. It is also quite possibly fairly common knowledge that […]

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Trust: A Business Essential

An unexpected conversation recently led to a concept that my mind kept going back to: business moves at the speed of trust. Turns out that’s not a very original idea—The Speed of Trust is the name of a book by Stephen M.R. Covey.

Regardless of who came up with the idea, trust is obviously essential in […]

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PowerShell: Another Reason to Continually Grow Your Skills?

“Major Changes Coming from Microsoft Will Impact Your Career.” That was the headline from an article we encountered on Facebook recently.

Turns out one of the changes makes PowerShell rather important: Windows Server 2016 Nano Server won’t support video connections or have a GUI. In the words of Don Jones, Pluralsight Curriculum Director, “It’s PowerShell or […]

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SQL Solutions Group’s 5th Anniversary FreeCon

In honor of SQL Solutions Group turning five years old, the four MCMs at SSG recently conducted a day of free training for the SQL community. Due to the many meetings going on Tuesday in conjunction with the PASS Summit, attendees were coming and going all day long.

The day started off with Ben Miller talking […]

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Much ado about GUIDs

How does one enforce referential integrity across separate databases, or servers for that matter?  The answer is simple—there is nothing native in SQL Server to enforce integrity outside of Primary and Foreign Keys which are scoped within a database.

However, you can go outside the box and use a Uniqueidentifier, often referred to as GUIDs (globally […]

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Using an Accidental DBA? We can help

“The Accidental DBA.” That almost sounds like the name of a movie. In our experience, if it were a movie, “The Accidental DBA” would probably be a horror flick.
That’s because, too often, people with some sort of technical background are asked to take on DBA responsibilities without having a DBA skill set. It’s kinda like […]

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