Easy Permissions Audit

Something I have written about more than a handful of times is the need to audit. When people think about audits, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the IRS and taxes. More than taxes are audit-able. Despite that tendency to first think taxes when somebody says “audit”, I am not writing about […]

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Security Configuration for Linked Servers

A few years ago I published an article about how to use linked servers to avoid performance issues. I wanted to follow up on that with a discussion of linked server security configuration because this is another big issue I see all too often with linked servers.

The first thing to understand is that all linked […]

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Automating DBCC DBTABLE – obtaining the disk Sector Size

I was recently reading this msdn article on Ghost Records, and it mentioned that you could get the number of ghost records on a page with DBCC DBTABLE… and it also mentioned that you need to be sure that you enable Trace Flag 3604 in order to see the results. So, two things immediately jumped […]

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SQL Consultant Braves Weather to Serve Client

Spring may be only weeks away, officially, but the weather is plenty chilly in North Dakota. And Fargo, North Dakota, is where Jared Kirkpatrick, our newest SQL consultant, finds himself this week.

People go to Fargo all the time. Don’t they? But for Jared, this trip has  involved some serious weather whiplash. When he departed his […]

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A Faster Way to Migrate SQL Server Instances!

I have had to migrate SQL Server instances many times over the years. Sometimes as part of an upgrade from one version to another, and other times just to move to new/bigger better hardware. In my current situation, the client wants to virtualize all of their SQL Server instances. Most of their database servers are already virtualized, […]

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Capture Index Maintenance Operations

One good database maintenance practice is to keep the indexes in good working order. This is typically done via index defragmentation routines. Some people perform routine index maintenance, some people do not, and still others have done some sort of “set it and forget it” script provided by a vendor and may or may not […]

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The Mystery of Missing Backup Files

We are now on the eve of Halloween Month. Yes, the holiday of Halloween is much better when celebrated all month rather than just a single day. What better way to kick it off than with a bit of a mystery?

Not only is this mystery of missing backup files worth discussing now, but has been a mystery […]

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Moving Databases to New Drives: A Real-world Case Study Involving 120 Databases

Moving databases is a common enough task for the DBA, and there are multiple ways to move physical database files from one drive to another. Depending on your preference, you can either use the DETACH/ATTACH method:


Or you can use the ALTER DATABASE method:

Whichever method you prefer, these work great when you are moving databases, especially […]

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Missing Indexes Script v2

By Jason Brimhall 
Frequently we hear the analogy that <insert item here> is like opinions, everybody has one and not all of them are good (some may stink).
Well, this may just be another one of those <items>.  Whether it stinks or not may depend on your mileage.
I had shared a similar script back in January 2012 and […]

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Utah Code Camp Spring 2012

This last Saturday was the most recent iteration of Utah Code Camp  and I have to say it was a resounding success.  In addition to speaking, I was invited to participate in an “Ask a DBA” panel discussion and also had the opportunity to have SQL Solutions Group sponsor the event.  So it was a […]

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