Debugging SQL Server CLR Objects

Just a quick shout out to a great article on how to Debug CLR Projects.

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SQL Saturday #67 (Chicago)

Headed to Chicago tomorrow for SQL Saturday #67.  Heading out a day early to attend a pre-conference seminar on Friday on troubleshooting and performance tuning.  While I feel pretty strong in these areas, one thing I haven’t done as good of a job of as I should is keeeping up on new features to assist […]

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Utah Code Camp

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately speakng at SQL Saturday events.  This last weekend it was my great pleasure to speak at Utah Code Camp, a local event.  Not only was it nice to be local, but I really enjoyed the code camp.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay all day as I […]

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This discussion came up on Twitter so I …

This discussion came up on Twitter so I thought I’d blog about it. UPDATE FROM (sometimes called an UPDATE JOIN) is an language construct that is an extension to the ANSI-92 standard supported by several DBMS’s, but not by Oracle. I first discovered this when doing some ETL work in SSIS with an Oracle destination. […]

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SQL Server Developer Job Description

I was asked by a client today to provide 4 bullet points to include in a job description for a developer position that will be primarily responsible for SQL Development. I explained that my preference is to focus on database engine first, then worry about T-SQL. Too many times I see customers who focus on […]

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Headed to Houston

Next stop on the SQL Saturday tour is Houston. This will be my third week in a row of travel and as much as I love the SQL Community, I will be ready for a couple of weekends to myself before Phoenix. I am presenting just one session at this event. Visual Studio 2010 Database […]

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SQL Saturday #45 – Louisville, KY

I need to get better at blogging about my experiences presenting at SQL Saturday so I’m writing this one on my way home. I had a great time in Louisville, even though it was VERY cold. It was 7 degrees Fahrenheit when I left the hotel Saturday morning. I don’t care who you are or […]

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Headed to Louisville for SQL Saturday on 1/21

Finishing up some work at a client today and will be headed to Louisville, KY tomorrow to present two sessions at a SQL Saturday (link). For those who are not familiar, SQL Saturday is a series of free training events held all over the country, usually sponsored by the local chapter of PASS (link) the […]

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Expired Passwords and the Oracle Provider

I ran into a problem a while back that caused me a lot of grief so I thought I’d post it here. The package in question was used to traverse hundreds of Oracle databases and run the same query on all of them. This data was then loaded into a data mart. The databases all […]

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